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It's illegal to use prescription drugs without a written prescription from your doctor. If you've been charged with prescription drug abuse, hire the Law Offices of Desmond Kolke to take on your case. Two of the most commonly misused prescription drugs include opioids and benzodiazepines, which are used to treat pain and anxiety respectively. Both drugs can be addictive since they can induce a euphoric feeling, but they can also be fatal if consumed in large amounts.

A valid prescription doesn't permit you to abuse your medication. Not only can the abuser be charged with prescription drug abuse, but so can the doctor, nurses and/or seller.

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There's more than one way to be charged with a drug crime

You can be charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs by:

Altering prescriptions
Forging prescriptions
Impersonating medical professionals to acquire or distribute prescriptions
Prescribing medication when it's not needed

Although the penalties vary, you could potentially owe a fine or be imprisoned. You need to contact the Law Offices of Desmond Kolke right away to make sure you're well-represented in a criminal court. We'll build a solid case so you can have a fair shot at your freedom.

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